The JDU leader said that Nitish’s statement is biology, Manjhi’s skull is damaged

JDUMLA Narendra Kumar Neeraj alias Gopal Mandal - India TV Hindi.

JDU MLA Narendra Kumar Neeraj alias Gopal Mandal

JDUK MLA from Gopalpur Narendra Kumar Neeraj aka Gopal Mandal has once again hit the headlines for making a controversial statement due to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s harsh words. This time he has targeted former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi. Making a controversial statement regarding former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi, he said that he is older than Nitish Kumar, his skull has become loose, his brain is damaged, his brain does not work. He said that he was in the political arena, but not anymore.

“Jumps around to show off”

Gopal Mandal said that Jitan Ram Manjhi is not even able to run in the political arena, he just keeps jumping around for show. He said that when Jitan Ram Manjhi was the Chief Minister, I did not even go to his office to meet him. At the same time, the JDU leader said on ‘sexual knowledge’ given by Nitish Kumar that it is the language of biology. He said that if Nitish Kumar had explained everything in biology or English language, there might not have been so much controversy.

“No one can put anything wrong with food”

He said that whatever Nitish Kumar said directly to the people to control population, people are looking at it from a different angle and want to tarnish his image. He also said that whenever food is given to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, it is checked and no one can find anything wrong with his food. He said that there is no truth in the allegations made by Manjhi.

Nitish got angry on Manjhi’s question in the House.

In fact, on Thursday, the Assembly was debating the Reservation Amendment Bill, during which former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi took part in the debate and questioned the caste survey. He questioned whether the government has ever analyzed whether people are getting the benefit of reservation. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar got angry with Jitan Ram Manjhi. There was a clash with Nitish’s manjhi in the House itself. Jitan Ram Manjhi reacted to this. He said that Nitish Kumar forgot that I am senior to him in age and political experience. It is a sign of mental health disorder. “I also demand a high-level inquiry into the food given to Nitish Kumar,” Manjhi said. I suspect that substances are being added to their food that will drive them crazy.

– Sushil reports from Bhagalpur

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