Delhiites drank liquor worth billions of rupees on the occasion of Diwali

Heavy sale of liquor in Delhi.- India TV Hindi.

Image source: PTI
Huge sale of liquor in Delhi.

Liquor sales increase every year during the Diwali season. This year too, people in the capital Delhi have bought liquor in large quantities. Liquor sales increased in the days leading up to Diwali compared to normal days, officials said. The Delhi government has earned a total of Rs 525.84 crore in the Diwali season due to the bumper sale of liquor.

So much wine was sold.

According to PTI, people bought 6.4 lakh bottles of liquor worth Rs 121 crore between Friday and Sunday during Diwali. Along with this, more than one crore bottles of liquor were sold in the week before the Diwali festival, earning the government Rs 234.15 crore. Similarly, within the 17 days before Diwali, a total of over 3 crore bottles of liquor were sold, generating a total revenue of Rs 525.84 crore to the government.

A rush just before Diwali

Liquor sales increase during festivals like Diwali and Holi. According to officials, Delhi shops sold 17.33 lakh bottles on Thursday, 18.89 lakh on Friday and 27.89 lakh on Saturday. Over 6.4 lakh bottles of liquor were sold in these three days alone, generating a total revenue of Rs 120.92 crore to the Delhi government. Shops were closed on Diwali.

More sales than last year

The number of liquor bottles sold during Diwali this year is about 42% higher than last year. According to officials, last year three days before Diwali, 13.46 lakh, 1.5 lakh and 19.39 lakh bottles of liquor were sold respectively.

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