Ishaan Khattar’s ‘Peeppa’ mired in controversies, AR Rahman is in trouble for this song from the film.

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Ishaan Khattar’s ‘Peepa’ is surrounded by controversies.

The movie ‘Pepa’ has been released on Prime Video. Directed by Rajakrishna Menon, the film stars Ishaan Khattar in the lead role while Mrunal Thakur and Priyanshu Panioli are in supporting roles. All three are playing the role of real brothers and sisters. The film is getting good response from the audience. However, the film has run into controversies just four days after its release. The reason for which is a song from the film. Let us tell you what it’s all about.

This is why ‘Pepa’ is surrounded by controversies.

Actually, this entire controversy is about the rebel song ‘Karar Oy Loho Kapat’ from the film ‘Peeppa’ written by rebel poet Qazi Nazr Islam. AR Rahman has presented this song in a completely new way in his own style. However, a controversy has arisen regarding this song of the singer. Regarding this song, people believe that AR Rahman has tampered with the song composed by Qazi Nazrul Islam to a great extent. The song is distorted. Also Bengali language and words are not properly used and pronounced due to which its beauty has been completely lost. However, now the makers of the film have broken their silence on this whole controversy.

The makers of the film broke their silence.

The makers of the film broke their silence on the controversy saying, ‘The song of Kazi Nazr Islam that we have taken and included in the film has been included only after the rights of his family. Even the rights to the lyrics were taken away. which Kalyani Kazi gave us by license. He had signed. Meanwhile, Anirban Qazi, grandson of Qazi Nazar Islam, was also present there.

The song was released as per the agreement.

In their statement, the makers added that the agreement regarding the song clearly stated that we will make some changes to the song and release it with a new composition. We apologize if the changes hurt anyone’s feelings.

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