Uttarkashi: 40 lives trapped in tunnel, food sent through pipe… When will workers come out?

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All workers trapped in Yamunotri tunnel are safe.

Rescue operations have intensified to save laborers trapped in the under-construction tunnel between Sulkiara and Dindalgaon on the Brahmakhil-Yumnotri National Highway in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi. The work of removing debris from this tunnel built on Yamunotri Highway is in progress. It is expected that some good news may come by this evening, the rescue team may reach the workers trapped in the tunnel. Of the 60 meters of debris that was filled inside the tunnel, 20 meters of debris has been removed. The remaining 40 meters of debris can also be removed by late evening today. Workers trapped in the tunnel have been contacted through walkie-talkies. The workers said they were safe.

All workers trapped in Yamunotri tunnel safe

Workers trapped in the tunnel have been contacted through walkie-talkies. The workers said they were safe. Food packets are being sent to workers through pipes. This pipe was laid inside the tunnel to supply water, now it is being used to send food packets. Work is also being done to connect the workers through this pipeline. First a message slip written on paper was sent through the pipeline to convey a message to the worker trapped in the tunnel, later packets of gram for food were also sent through the same pipeline.

The workers are likely to leave by this evening.

On the one hand, the work of removing the debris is going on, on the other hand, the work of laying the pipe at the other end of the tunnel is also going on. NDRF is trying to lay a 900 mm steel pipe to rescue 40 workers trapped inside the tunnel. If the pipe is successfully laid to the other end of the rubble, all workers can be evacuated immediately. This pipe will be two and a half to three feet wide. If this steel pipe reaches inside, people trapped inside can be safely evacuated without removing the debris. Disaster Management Secretary Ranjit Sinha said that everyone could be evacuated by tonight or tomorrow morning.

How many workers are there in which state?

Of the 40 workers trapped inside the tunnel, 15 are from Jharkhand. 8 are from Uttar Pradesh, 5 from Odisha, 4 from Bihar, 3 from West Bengal and apart from them 2 laborers from Uttarakhand, Assam and one laborer from Himachal Pradesh. Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has taken full knowledge of this incident. The central government is helping in every possible way, they hope that everyone will be evacuated safely.

At 2:30 pm yesterday, trucks loaded with 900 mm diameter pipes from Haridwar and Dehradun reached the accident site in Sulkiara.

  1. 900 mm diameter pipe arrived at the site.
  2. The auger drilling machine has arrived at the site.
  3. The platform for the auger machine is prepared.
  4. Installation of Auger drilling machine is in progress.
  5. Up to 21 meters of dirt has been removed and shotcrete is being carried out in open space.
  6. As per NHIDCL all stranded employees are safe.

(Reporting by Sunil Dutt Pandey)

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