Bad situation at stations to go home on 6th, passengers hanging on train doors

Poor condition on stations.- India TV Hindi.

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Poor condition at stations.

Railway stations in many states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab have deteriorated. A large number of people gather at the stations to go home during Chhath festival. However, people are entering the train anyway due to the arrangement of the trains according to the crowd of passengers. So that we can reach our home. Trains are reaching the station one after the other but the situation is not improving.

Poor condition of Lokmanya Tilak Terminus

A large number of passengers on trains from Mumbai to Bihar and UP are still arriving at the LTT station for Chhath Puja. When the Darbhanga-Jainagar train reached the platform here, a huge crowd was already there to board the general bogie. However, seeing the GRP and RPF personnel who reached the spot, a stampede broke out.

The impact of news

Additional RPF and GRP personnel rushed to the platform after India TV showed pictures of the huge crowd and poor condition of passengers at the LTT station. Here began the process of queuing up people and entering the train. GRP and RPF personnel were also seen using mild force to remove passengers who were not in line from the train.

Ticket holders are also facing problems.

After entering the general bogie of Pawan Express parked at the station, many passengers were also seen hanging on the gate of the bogie. These people appeared ready to travel 30-40 hours by hanging on the gate. Many passengers were found to have tickets but still did not get a chance to enter the bogie. Passengers who got in somehow did not get seats. Passengers say that the journey will continue no matter how long it takes.

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