Bhupendra Jogi is back, Bhupendra once again went viral on social media due to his new dialogue.

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Bhupinder Jogi’s new video viral

You may remember the name Bhupendra Jogi. Yes, how can anyone forget this guy. The man’s video created such a buzz on social media that people started meeting him to recreate the scene with him. Bhupendra went viral so much that even the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh recreated the scene with him in a different way. Now Bhupinder Jogi is once again going viral on social media. This time he is going viral not because of his old video but because of a new video.

New video of Bhupinder Jogi

You may remember the old viral video of social media sensation Bhupinder Jogi. In this viral video, the reporter asks him his name. In reply he says, Bhupendra Jogi. When the reporter then asks where he has been in America, he replies that he has been to many places. The reporter asked again, tell me your name. From the front comes the answer: Bhupendra Jogi. This video became so viral that the name of this person became famous on everyone’s tongue.

Now this person is going viral again. In the viral video, the reporter asks Bhupinder Jogi what do you do? In response, Bhupinder Jogi says, I have an ‘official’ shop in the bazaar. Reporters are surprised by this.

Watch the viral video here

People had a lot of fun

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram by a page called sanki.log. At the time of writing, the video has been viewed by 4.7 million people. After watching the video, one user wrote – returns are slow. Another user wrote that the brothers only speak the language of MEME. The third user wrote, “Brother, how much will the Pakistani government get from your shop?”

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