People have made the sleeper coach a general, you will be surprised to see the crowd of people going door to door on Chhath.

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There is such a huge crowd in the trains for Chhath.

After celebrating the festival of Diwali, now people are busy preparing for Chhath festival. Everyone wants to celebrate this festival with their family. But the number of people is more and the number of trains is less. Because of this not everyone is able to get a ticket. But people are traveling in trains to go home without tickets. Due to which a lot of crowd is seen in the train. Currently, one such video is going viral on social media in which so many people are standing at the gate of the train that people are not even getting space to enter.

The video went viral

A video is going viral on social media. In the video you can see some people trying to board the train but the train is already so crowded that no one can get a seat. In the video, you can see that a man tries to enter the train by climbing over people’s heads using his clever mind after not getting a seat. But his mission fails and finally he has to accept defeat and come out.

Watch the viral video here

What did people say?

The video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram by a page called bihar_waala. The caption with the video reads ‘Jai Chhatti Maya’ and ‘Jai Bihar Jai Bihari’. After watching the video, a user wrote – Govt remembers vote but can’t manage Pooja special train. Another user wrote- Oh my god! Our Nitish government is sleeping.

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