The brother-in-law and sister-in-law duo made a splash on social media, the video of the back dance went viral

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Seema Haider’s new dance video viral

Have you forgotten Seema Haider? Seema Haider, who came to India from Pakistan in search of her love, is discussed on social media every day. Every few days some of his videos go viral. This time Seema Haider is seen dancing in sync with her sister-in-law Pinky. In the video, both of them have done such a great dance on the Bollywood song that their video is going viral on social media. Anyone watching the video can’t stop themselves from appreciating.

The brother-in-law and sister-in-law duo created a stir.

Pinkimeena shared a video on her Instagram handle (pinkimeena1020). In the video, she is seen dancing with her sister-in-law Seema Haider to the Bollywood song ‘Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se’. Both Seema Haider and her sister-in-law Pinky are dancing brilliantly on this song. None of them are missing a single step. This video has been posted on social media on November 15. As of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 86 times. People have appreciated a lot in the comment section of the video.

Watch the viral video here

Even earlier this pair had created wonders.

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that the brother-in-law and sister-in-law duo are creating a stir on social media. Let us tell you that even earlier a video of them dancing together went viral. The video, shared on August 30, has received 23.8 million views. Apart from this, there are many videos of Bhabhi and Bhabhi dancing on Pinky Meena’s Instagram.

This is the same old video.

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