11470 Palestinians killed in Gaza, more than 2700 missing, Israel drops leaflets

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Israel has been continuously attacking Gaza since October 7.

Ramallah: 11,470 Palestinians have been killed and more than 2,700 are missing in the Gaza Strip since the war between Israel and Hamas began six weeks ago. According to information provided by Palestinian health officials, most of the people were killed in Israeli airstrikes. He said that 4707 minors and 3155 women are among the dead. We tell you that Palestine does not distinguish between Hamas terrorists and civilians. Meanwhile, Israeli security forces have dropped leaflets warning Palestinians to flee parts of southern Gaza. After that, it is believed that Israel may launch a large-scale attack in southern Gaza as well.

Aren’t there terrorists in Shifa Hospital?

Let us tell you that Israeli soldiers searched the Shifa hospital in the north which started on Wednesday morning. Israeli troops have shown some guns and said they were found in a building but have not yet released any evidence of Hamas’ central command center, which Israel says is hidden beneath the complex. Hamas and staff at Gaza’s largest hospital have denied the allegations. Israel has stepped up the campaign in the south, where it already conducts daily airstrikes.

Israel Hamas war, Israel Hamas war news, Israel Hamas latest war

Image source: AP

Israel has claimed to have killed hundreds of Hamas terrorists in its operation.

The fighting has been going on since October 7.

More than 1.5 million people have been internally displaced in Gaza, most of them displaced from the south. Food, water and electricity shortages are increasing in these areas and millions of citizens are suffering. There is no way for them to go elsewhere because Egypt has refused to accept large numbers of refugees into its country. Let us tell you that the war started in Israel after the attack of Hamas on October 7, in which the terrorists killed more than 1200 people and took 240 people hostage.

Telecommunication service affected in Gaza

Israel responded to the terror attack with an air campaign and ground attacks on northern Gaza, vowing to oust Hamas from power and crush its forces. Israel says it has killed thousands of Hamas fighters. Meanwhile, Palestinian telecommunications provider Peltel said that due to fuel shortages, all communication services in Gaza have come to a standstill, due to which the area besieged by Israeli forces has become isolated from the outside world. Peltel said landlines, mobile networks and internet services in Gaza have all been disrupted.

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