4 days of Chhath Pooja will cleanse the liver, intestines and kidneys 100%.

Chhath Puja 2023- India TV Hindi

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Chhath Puja 2023

Chhath Puja has started from today. Chhath festival is being witnessed in different cities across the country along with Nahay Khe. Chhath in which all forms of Sun are worshiped for health. Today is the day of bathing and eating and the purification of the body starts from today. This fast works to detoxify our body. What is in Ayurveda is practically seen in Chhath. Today fasting people eat rice with gourd vegetables. This means eating very light meals so that you can prepare yourself for the most difficult Chhath fast.

In fact, our body is also like a temple. Internal cleanliness is very important. Due to bad eating habits and bad lifestyle waste accumulates in the food pipe, intestines and even in every organ of the body. This impairs the blood supply in the body. As a result, the hormones in the body become unbalanced and diseases start to take hold. Internal cleansing of the body is essential if you want to avoid diseases. On the occasion of the beginning of Chhath Puja i.e. ‘Don’t Eat’, let’s learn from Baba Ramdev how to detoxify the body through yoga.

Detox your body on Chhath.


Drink more water
Practice yoga.
Perform six actions
Do Panchakarma

Benefits of fasting

Old diseases can be cured by fasting.
BP, sugar, thyroid control
Fasting also increases age.
The immune system improves.
Autoimmune disease control

Weight loss: Fat will melt like wax, drink blue tea made from this flower daily.

Harmful effects of bad lifestyle

Dirt accumulates in the food pipe and intestines.
Poor blood supply starts in the body.
Hormonal imbalance problem bothers you.
Accumulated toxins in the body can make one sick.

What should be done while fasting?

Do not eat solid food during fasting.
Drink coconut water
Drink gourd juice.
You can drink pitha juice.
Vegetable juice
Do not consume tea, coffee.

Arthritis is born from pollution, these measures of Swami Ramdev will bring life to the bones.

Strengthen digestion

It takes 3 hours for our body to digest fruits.
It takes the body 6 hours to digest vegetables.
Grains take 18 hours to digest.

How to avoid lifestyle diseases?

Regular exercise
Weight control
The right diet
8 hours of sleep
Low Stress – Stress

Do not fast in this state

If diabetes
Recently had surgery
There is lack of blood in the body
Kidney is a liver problem.

Gourd is beneficial for health.

Gourd Soup
Bottle gourd vegetable
Gourd juice

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