‘Tamil’ jumps in TRPs, gives tough competition to GHKKPM, see full list

BARC TRP Rating 45th Week 2023- India TV Hindi.

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BARC TRP Ranking 45th Week 2023

New Delhi: BARC’s TRP ratings for the 45th week of this year are out. Many people will be surprised to see this list. This list is also shocking for Salman Khan fans. Because ‘Bigg Boss 17’ has consistently occupied the TRP chart. Tamarind has made a big jump from the position of No. 6 last week to No. 2. Whereas ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehna Hai’ and ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Olta Chashma’ which were always in the top 5, have now come down a lot. The viewership of ‘Anupama’ is continuously decreasing.

Imli jumped in surprise

Fans of the TV show ‘Tamil’ have given the show a lot of love this time. The constant plot twists and romantic sequences are making the show entertaining. The show, which was No. 6 on the list last week with 1.8 million viewers, has now jumped to No. 2. This week the show garnered 2.0 million viewer impressions.

‘Anupama’ came fourth

In the list of Hindi TV serials, ‘Anupama’ was constantly loved by the public and the show remained number 1 for 3 years. But now the story and twists of this show are boring people. This is the reason why the show has seen a steady decline in the last 2 months. After occupying the No. 3 position last week, Rupali Ganguly’s show has climbed to No. 4 this week with an impression of just 1.9 million viewers.

‘Gum Hai Ki Ke Pyaar Mein’ won.

‘Gum Hai Kiske Pyaar Mein’ has once again made it to No. 1 in the list, the show holding the No. 1 position for 4 consecutive weeks. It has received 2.3 million viewer impressions. Since the jump, the show has seen steady improvement. There are some twists and turns in the story that are making the show a huge hit with people.

Check out this full list…

  1. Gum Hai Ki Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) – 2.3
  2. Tamarind – 2.0
  3. Your My Distances –
  4. Anupama – 1.9
  5. Bigg Boss 17 – 1.9
  6. What is this relationship called (YRKKH) – 1.8
  7. Pandya Store – 1.8
  8. Parineeti – 1.8
  9. Shiva Shakti Tapa Tyag Tandu – 1.8
  10. Serial Tarak Mehta’s Olta Chashma – 1.8

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