AC and fans are not working in Gharib Rath, the court imposed a fine of 15 thousand rupees on the railways

Fine on Railways: The court fined Rs 15,000 on railways for negligence. A passenger had complained that neither the AC nor the fans were working during the journey in the Gharib Rath train. Due to which there was lack of air in the compartment. He had to endure the hardships of traveling in a stifling atmosphere. In this case, the court passed a judgment against the South Central Railway and imposed a fine.

Even after reporting, no relief was received

According to a TOI report, petitioner KVS Apparao had alleged that he had informed the railway authorities about the non-functioning of the AC and fan. A letter was also written for compensation. But, no action was taken. On this, the District Consumer Forum said that this is clearly a case of negligence and lack of service. South Central Railway could not solve the problem of electricity. Due to which the passengers had to face problems. Therefore, the Railways should pay Rs.15000 as compensation to the petitioner.

Rao was traveling with his daughter.

Appa Rao had left Visakhapatnam for Secunderabad with his daughter on April 5, 2023. He had booked two seats in the Garib Rath train. According to Rao, the train left at 8.40 pm and after having dinner, he went to bed at 10 pm. But, the AC and fans were switched off late at night. When he informed the TTE about the matter, he assured that the problem would be resolved at Eluru station. But the train could not recover there. Then this problem can be solved at Vijayawada station in the morning. Till then all the passengers were facing problems.

He also filed an RTI.

Rao had also filed an RTI. Through this, they learned that the train’s diesel generators were not working. Hence power supply to AC plant was stopped. He then filed a case in the District Consumer Court of Hyderabad and demanded a penalty.

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