After the World Cup, repatriation is becoming more expensive, with flight tickets from Ahmedabad increasing 10 times.

Flight Tickets: Cricket World Cup 2023 concluded on Sunday night. Australia won the World Cup for the sixth time by defeating India in the final match. Along with this, the hearts of millions of people hoping for India’s third World Cup were also broken. Meanwhile, the hotel, restaurant, taxi and aviation industries benefited greatly from the influx of match-goers in Ahmedabad. Airlines became richer due to increased demand. The fares increased manifold from Saturday and the fares in Ahmedabad skyrocketed compared to almost all major cities of the country. Around 4.6 lakh people also set a record for air travel across the country on Saturday. Let us know how much it might cost you to travel to which city from Ahmedabad right now.

Flights from Ahmedabad to every city are expensive.

After the World Cup finals, the returnees are also having to buy expensive flight tickets. After checking the tickets online for different cities of Ahmedabad, it was found that prices are being quoted very high everywhere. Ahmedabad to Delhi ticket price on November 20 is around Rs 24,000 to Rs 40,000. Similarly, the air ticket price from Ahmedabad to Mumbai is between Rs 25,000 to Rs 36,000. Kolkata air ticket has reached 38 to 49 thousand rupees. Airlines are asking around Rs 31,000 to Rs 51,000 for Bengaluru and Rs 30,000 to Rs 43,000 for Hyderabad.

Special arrangements had to be made at Ahmedabad Airport as well

Ahmedabad Airport also had to make special arrangements for the World Cup Final. In the afternoon, the airspace was closed for 45 minutes for an air show by the Indian Air Force. No aircraft was allowed to take off or land during this time. Apart from this, special arrangements had to be made for the chartered aircraft. During this period almost all the airlines had increased the number of their flights to Ahmedabad. Therefore, night parking facility was also provided at the airport. These included business jets.

New records were created.

Around 4.6 lakh people traveled by air across the country on Saturday. This is the highest number of passengers in a single day. Over 1.61 lakh passengers arrived at Mumbai airport in a single day, which is a record in itself.

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