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Today's Horoscope 20 November 2023 - India TV Hindi

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Today’s Rashfall 20 November 2023

Today’s Rashid 20 November 2023: Today is Ashtami Tithi and Monday of Kartik Shukla Paksha. Ashtami Tithi will last till 3.17 PM tonight. Today is Chhath Puja day. Dharva Yoga will continue till 8:34 PM tonight. Also, Dhanashtha Nakshatra will remain till 9.26 PM tonight. Durgashtami fast will be observed today, Bhadar will also remain till 4.20 pm today. Find out from Acharya Indu Prakash how November 20, 2023 will be for you and what steps you can take to make it a better day. Also know which lucky number and lucky color will be for you.

Aries- Aries People of Rasakh, today will be a very good day for you. At this time people will be very eager to hear and know the best ideas. Today, whatever you want to convince people, you can easily get them to agree. Control your tendency to assert your authority, it can affect your work. People of this zodiac sign may get good news from someone close to them today. Depending on the career, you may have more responsibilities than you are capable of. Make any decision carefully. Today will be a good day for lovers. You will be happy throughout the day today due to some success in your life partner.

  • Auspicious Color – Purple
  • Lucky number- 3

taurus- Taurus people, today will be a pleasant day for you. Today you will be famous in your creative work and you will also get fame. Today you will take decisions according to your mind. But these will be beneficial only in terms of money. If you face all the challenges you face today, you will be successful. But you have to give up laziness at this time to shape your future. Today you can discuss something with your loved one and go for dinner together which will bring intimacy in the relationship. Today suddenly your business will be more profitable. You will also plan to start a new business.

  • Lucky Color – Grey
  • Lucky number- 4

gemini- Gemini people, today will be a good day for you. You may get good job news today. You may be called for an interview at a company. Today can be a great day for budding writers of this zodiac sign as your articles or your book may be published by a major publisher. Your career will now take a completely new shape. Today you can plan to buy land and property with your family. People who are in a relationship will share their thoughts with their partner which will further increase their trust in you.

  • Lucky Color – Blue
  • Lucky number- 6

cancer- Cancer people will have a good day today. Today you will spend evening time with family. People who do business with this zodiac sign expect financial gains today. But when making a deal, think before you speak, lest the deal be canceled before it is done. People with this amount may get a job call from a multinational company today. Today unemployed people have chances to get employment. There will be happiness in married life. Your spouse will support you in your work.

  • Lucky Color – Yellow
  • Lucky Number- 8

tiger- Whatever Leo people want to accomplish today will be easily accomplished. There will be a rush of people to congratulate him on the completion of an important task. Today you may visit an old friend at his house where you will discuss personal issues. If you have had a quarrel with a relative in the past, today is a good day to improve relations. Your opponents will stay away from you today. You can also visit the market to buy household goods till evening. Your health will be very good today. Today you will receive a gift from your loved ones. There are chances of success for students.

  • Lucky Color – Orange
  • Lucky Number- 8

Virgo- Virgo: Today will be full of happiness for you. The task that you were thinking of completing for several days will be completed today with some help. Avoid commenting on someone else’s work today and use proper language even when talking to others. Today is a good day for people involved in social networking. You may also have to travel for work. Don’t forget to take your essentials while traveling. Today you have to be careful about your health. Lovers can plan lunch at a nice restaurant today.

  • Lucky Color – Pink
  • Lucky number- 1

you- Zodiac: You will have a pleasant day today. If you keep your mind calm while doing any work today, your work will be easily successful. If you rush, everything will go wrong. Relationships may come for those of this zodiac who are unmarried today. Family members will plan your wedding. Those who are involved in service sector, there are chances of increase in their income today. Work load in your company will be heavy today but it will be completed with the help of juniors. Lovers can go on a log drive today. Any problem going on in the family will be solved today.

  • Lucky Color – Green
  • Lucky number- 4

scorpion- Today is a great day for you, Scorpio. The tasks for which you have been trying for a long time are going to be fulfilled today, the efforts that you considered futile will be successful today, so celebrate today with friends and family, it is possible that He has some good news to share with you too, if your career is not going according to your plan then it is better to consult your guru. Today will be a good day for studies for the children of this sign. Will go on a pilgrimage to a religious place with the family.

  • Auspicious Color – Navy Blue
  • Lucky number- 7

Sagittarius – People of Dhan, today will be full of excitement for you. New ideas will come to your mind today, you may start a new business, which will benefit you in the future. Today you will fulfill many responsibilities related to family. Today will be a good day for contractors of this money, you may get a new contract today. Due to which your financial condition will improve. Today you can compose a song or song for your loved one or gift them a framed picture. Today is a good day to bring sweetness to your relationship with your spouse. Children will focus on studies today.

  • Auspicious Color- Red
  • Lucky Number- 8

Capricorn – Capricorn: Today will be a normal day for you. Today will be spent in travel. This may be related to office work while travelling. You may meet a distant relative while traveling. Which will make your mind happy. Today will be beneficial for engineers. You may receive a job email from a company. Today will be a good day for students. You may get some good news related to competitive exams. Today is a good day for beloved. Today there will be stability in the economic sector. There will be a pleasant atmosphere in the family today. Marital relations will be full of sweetness today. Your confusions will be less today.

  • Auspicious Color – Golden
  • Lucky number – 5

Aquarius- Horoscope: Today will be favorable for you. You will be inclined towards spirituality and may plan to visit a temple or organize a religious event. To get happiness today you need to make some change in your nature. There will be happiness in the house. Family problems will get resolved automatically today. Because of which you will feel happy. Today someone close to you will double your happiness. Opposing parties will try their best to harass you. Married people of this zodiac sign can get a good marriage proposal. Will plan to buy some electronic item today.

  • Lucky Color – Yellow
  • Lucky number- 2

Aries- Aries: Your luck will fully support you today. You will do very well in your field of work. You can also spend time with your parents or siblings. You may get a chance to do something new in the office. Today is a good time for outings with friends. You can also plan to participate in social activities. With the arrival of a small guest in the house, the atmosphere of the house will be festive. Relatives will come and go. Those working in other cities will get a chance to meet their families today.

  • Auspicious Color – Silver
  • Lucky number- 1

(Acharya Indu Prakash is a well-known astrologer of the country, who has extensive experience in Vastu, Satran Shastra and Astrology. You see him on India TV every morning at 7.30 AM.)

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