In Bihar, while returning from Chhath, a single family was fired upon, two real brothers killed, four injured

Two real brothers killed in firing on same family.- India TV Hindi

Image source: India TV
Two real brothers were killed by firing on the same family.

written inn: A case of firing has come to light in Kavya police station area of ​​the district. Here a young man shot at the entire family returning after worshiping on the roof ghat. The young man fired several shots one after the other. There was chaos on the spot after hearing the sound of gunshots. Two people have died in this incident. The injured have been immediately referred to Patna. It is being told that the entire family was returning home early in the morning after offering arghya on the occasion of Chhath. Meanwhile, a young man opened fire on the entire family on the way. This incident has spread sensation in the area. This incident of firing on the sixth day has become a topic of discussion among people.

Firing due to personal enmity

In fact, the whole matter is of Lakhisarai district of Bihar. This entire incident has been carried out due to mutual grudge in Punjabi area of ​​Kawiya police station. It is being told that the entire family was returning home after offering arghya to the sun god early in the morning due to Chhath Puja. All had gone a short distance. Meanwhile, a young man started firing on the entire family on the way. Before the family could understand anything, the accused fired several rounds. A total of six people are said to have been shot in the firing.

The injured were referred to Patna.

Two real brothers died on the spot due to gunshot wounds. The remaining four people are said to be injured. The injured have been immediately referred to Patna. It is being told that two of the deceased’s wives are among the injured, while one is his sister and one is his father. All have been taken to hospital. Now this incident of firing is raising a question mark on the working system of the police. Let me tell you that this incident happened while returning from Chhath Puja. Police have been kept on alert mode during Chhath. In such a case, the police and the administration are also facing embarrassment after this case of firing on six members of the same family.

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