Physikwala: Physikwala will have 120 employees, why layoffs are happening here, know the reason

Dismissal of Physics: Edtech company ‘Physicswala’ plans to lay off 120 employees based on performance. For days, there were reports that the adtech unicorn would be asking some of its staff members to leave the company. The company has now clarified in a statement that the performance review (PW) will affect less than 0.8 percent of its total workforce. This clearly means that some employees of the company may be given a pink slip.

HR Head made this statement.

“Under PW, we regularly review the company’s performance in the mid-term and the period ending October,” Physixwala’s chief human resources officer Satish Khangre said in a statement, Economic Times reported. I, less than 0.8 A percentage of our workforce, ie 70 to 120 people, whose performance does not meet expectations may be asked to seek employment elsewhere.

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