Is bathing with warm water in winter beneficial or harmful? Find out what the experts say.

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Hot water bath

Winter has started in North India. People eagerly wait for this season but this pleasant season also brings with it many problems. People are very afraid of bathing in this season. It becomes difficult to bear the cold in this season, so many people start bathing with hot water. But today we will talk about how correct it is to take a bath with hot water. Did you know that bathing with hot water can cause many problems? Let us tell you about it in detail. Due to which many people have questions in their minds that should we not use hot water? If you think so, we tell you what to do in our news.

Bathing with warm water is beneficial.

Dr. Sudhir Menon from Mumbai says that in the winter season, bathing with lukewarm water first does not feel cold. Due to which you stay away from diseases like cold and cough. Another thing is that blood circulation in the body is good. However, the bath water should be very hot. Otherwise, there may be loss instead of profit. If you have any skin problems, bathe with cold water instead of hot water.

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Cold water is also beneficial.

According to experts, no matter if it’s winter season, taking a bath with cold water is the best option. People with immune system can take cold water bath even in winter. Overall it depends on the health and immunity of the people and what kind of water they drink to stay healthy. People with weak immunity should not bathe with cold water.

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Bathing with hot water also causes these damages…

  • Cheapness prevails: Bathing with hot water daily makes a person feel very relaxed. So don’t bathe with hot water every day.
  • Do not wash hair with hot water: Do not accidentally wash your hair with hot water. Washing the hair with hot water increases the problem of dryness and makes the hair dry.
  • Harmful to skin: Hot water dehydrates the skin and dries the skin. Which leads to skin related problems like acne and itching.

(This article is for general information, please consult a doctor before taking any treatment)

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Is bathing with hot water beneficial or harmful in winter season?

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