Is this Shah Rukh Khan or his lookalike? You will also be surprised after watching the video.

Ibrahim Qadri: King Khan of Bollywood i.e. Shah Rukh Khan has fans all over the world. Fans love the actor’s movies and his acting. But some fans love Shah Rukh Khan so much that they try their best to look like him. Something similar is being seen in the recently viral video.

Is this Shah Rukh Khan or his lookalike?

In fact, a video is going viral on social media, in which Shah Rukh Khan’s co-star Ibrahim Qadri is being checked at the airport. At that time a large crowd of people gathered to see him. Let us tell you that many of Ibrahim’s videos are viral on social media. Fans often feel betrayed between Ibrahim and Shah Rukh Khan.

You will also be surprised after watching the video.

Recently, a video of him is going viral on social media in which he is seen spreading his arms like Shah Rukh Khan at the airport. Ibrahim hasn’t met Shahrukh till date and he revealed that he doesn’t even want to meet King Khan. Ibrahim replied – I think the day I meet Sir, everything will be over.

After watching this viral video, the reactions of the users are also coming out. After watching the video, one user said- ‘Cheap Shahrukh Khan’, while another user wrote- ‘Fake Shahrukh Khan’, while a third commented- ‘Does it matter if it’s fake or real? , just let people have fun. There is enough. After watching this video, everyone is finding it difficult to identify whether it is the real Shah Rukh Khan or a lookalike of the actor.

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