Stop Clock: ICC has made a big announcement, this new rule has come in cricket, you can get 5 runs without playing the ball.

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This new rule came in cricket

Principle of Stopping the Clock: The International Cricket Council has implemented a new rule in cricket. These rules will be used in ODI and T20 cricket. This principle is called stop clock. This rule is introduced to speed up the game. Let us tell you that a stop clock is being introduced to reduce the time between overs. The rule will be implemented on a trial basis from December 2023 to April 2024.

This new rule came in cricket

The CEC agreed to introduce a stop clock on a trial basis in men’s ODI and T20 cricket from December 2023 to April 2024. This clock will be used to reduce the time between overs. According to the rules, if the bowling team is not ready to bowl the next over within 60 seconds of the completion of the previous over, a penalty of 5 runs will be imposed for the third time in the innings. This decision was taken in the board meeting of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The principle of slow over rate is already in force.

In ODI matches, the bowling side is given 3.5 hours to complete 50 overs. Whereas in T-20 a team gets one hour and 25 minutes to play 20 overs. If a team fails to complete the overs on time, the slow over rate rule requires the team to keep one more player inside the 30 yard radius for the remaining overs. Penalties are also provided for under Article 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct.

The batting team will benefit.

Now the batting team will benefit from the stop clock rule. If a team takes more than 60 seconds twice to complete the next over after the completion of the previous over, the batting team will be awarded 5 runs. It has always been seen that a 1-1 run is enough to change the outcome of a match. In such a case, these 5 runs can be very useful for the batting team.

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