The video of the workers trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel is out in public, the situation will make you cry

The tunnel seen in the video...- India TV Hindi.

Image source: India TV
Workers trapped in the tunnel are seen in the video.

The work of evacuating the workers trapped in the tunnel in Uttarkashi is going on. Meanwhile, after 10 days, the video of the workers trapped in the tunnel has come to light. This is the first time that the video of the workers trapped inside the tunnel for ten days has come to light. Now the food is delivered to the workers through a 6 inch pipe. Apart from this, mobile phones and chargers have also been delivered to the workers.

Meanwhile, this is the first time that the video of the activists has surfaced. In this video, the workers are seen standing together in the tunnel and talking to each other.

The khichdi was sent to the workers after 9 days.

Also let us tell you that the rescue team had a great success yesterday on the 9th day of the accident. A 6-inch wide pipe has reached the workers, through which food is now being delivered to the workers trapped in the tunnel. Khachidi, orange and water are supplied to the workers through 6-inch wide pipes. Khichdi is delivered in bottles. The 6-inch-wide pipe is about 53 meters long through which the food was delivered. Not only this, DRDO’s robots are helping in the rescue operation. Efforts are also being made to provide mobile phone and power supply chargers to the people trapped in the tunnel. Apart from this, efforts are also being made to provide Wi-Fi facility inside the tunnel.

Watch the video-

The rescue operation in the tunnel was intensified.

The team of experts is also using the latest technology to save the workers. DRDO’s robotics machine team is currently present at the Sulkiara tunnel. DRDO’s two 70 kg robots have arrived here, while drones will also be flown anew. Two DRDO robots have been brought inside the tunnel, one weighing 50 kg and the other 20 kg. The drone did not give good results on the first day but will be flown again today.

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