This is the height! The wedding became the arena of civil war, with fierce fighting between the two sides for the Rasgullah.

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At a wedding in Agra, there was a quarrel between the people over the rasgala.

Wedding is a special moment in everyone’s life. Both bride and groom try their best to make their wedding grand and memorable. From beautiful decorations to food and drink, many things are prepared in a wedding. But have you ever thought that this food item can cause strife in a marriage? In fact, a wedding in Agra is being talked about a lot on social media because two parties got into a fight due to rasgalla. It is also being claimed that 6 people were injured in this fight.

There is a debate on social media.

There is a lot of talk on various social media platforms about this wedding in Agra, where two parties fought each other just because of the rasgalla. The fight became so serious that 6 people were injured. Posts related to this fight are going viral on social media.

The police reported this.

This viral post was declared true by the Uttar Pradesh Police. Fatehabad ACP shared a video on the Twitter handle @agrapolice and gave information about the fight. He said that on the night of November 19, 2023, there was a wedding in Bhopalpura of Shamshabad police station. One party attacked the other party over the demand of rasgula in the marriage. After that, a fight broke out between the two sides. The police immediately provided medical aid to all the injured.

He further said that till now no complaint has been received from any party in this matter. As soon as we receive the complaint, we will take action in the matter.

People reacted like this.

After seeing this post which went viral on social media, people made a lot of funny comments. A user wrote – If there were roses, nothing much happened, if there were roses, 10-12 people would have been killed. Another user wrote – This can happen only in Uttar Pradesh. A third user wrote – That’s too much.

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