UP: CM Yogi’s big decision on Halal certification, inquiry handed over to STF

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CM Yogi

Lucknow: CM UG’s major decision on Halal certification has come out. The Chief Minister has handed over the investigation of the matter to the UPSTF. It is noteworthy that a case related to this was registered in Hazratganj Kotwali.

What does halal mean?

Halal basically refers to Islam and its food laws (especially meat). Halal is an Arabic word meaning ‘halal’. Actually, the Muslim religion has some rules about food. In which it is said that Muslims are allowed to eat halal meat but not allowed to eat jerky meat.

What is the difference between Halal and Haram meat?

Jerk meat is meat in which the animal is cut in one fell swoop. Halal meat is that in which the animal is slaughtered slowly with a sharp weapon.

What is Halal Certification?

In Muslim-populated countries, if a company wants to sell food products, it takes ‘Halal certification’. Halal certification is done by the government in many Islamic countries of the world. There are some companies in India that provide Halal certification. ‘Halal certification’ is considered a guarantee that the product in question is free of any adulteration and does not use any animal or its by-products, which are considered ‘haram’ in Islam.

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