What is the identity of people coming from hell and heaven?

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Guru Purana

Guru Purana: The Garvin Purana is the most important Purana of the Hindu scriptures. This Purana mentions the punishments of hell. Along with this, the deep secrets of attaining salvation by taking birth in human form are also explained. In the Garuna Purana, Lord Vishnu essentially answers the questions of Garuna, the king of birds. It also contains dialogues between Lord Vishnu and Guruji about how one can live his life better.

Today we are going to tell you one such thing according to Guru Purana. Which helps to identify who is from heaven and who is from hell. In this Purana all these things are explained according to the nature of human beings. Let’s know what is the identity of people coming from hell and heaven?

People who have come from hell have these habits.

According to the Gran Purana, people who criticize others all the time, torture others, are harsh with others, fight all the time, adopt bad behavior, grab someone’s money and property, criticize God. Doers, daily bathers. etc. People who consume meat and alcohol, such people are reborn in this world in human form after suffering hell to suffer the rest of the deeds. Those who have these symptoms, according to the Guru Purana, such people return after suffering the torments of hell.

Recognition of those who come from heaven

According to the Guru Purana, those who have good morals, those who have compassion for living beings, those who follow the path of truth, those who think about the welfare of others, those who are selfless. By following the orders of their teachers, those who speak well. Words, those who study and believe in the Vedas, and those who practice service and hospitality, all belong to the category of great men. All these are the characteristics of those who have come from heaven.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on religious belief and folk beliefs. There is no scientific evidence for this. India TV does not prove the truth of anything.)

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