Has Kangana Ranaut gone non-vegetarian again? People questioned this picture of the actress.

Kangana Ranaut: The hot girl of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut is in the news every day for one reason or another. The actress has once again come into discussion regarding her social media post. Recently, Kangana Ranaut shared a post on her Instagram story, where she shared pictures of several non-veg dishes.

Has Kangana Ranaut gone non-vegetarian again?
The pic also features a spicy squid curry, made by the producer of Kangana’s film. Now this Instagram story of his has become a topic of discussion. Actually, Kangana calls herself Sanatani. Some time ago he himself told that now he has completely given up non-veg.

People questioned this picture of the actress.
In such a situation, now netizens are raising many questions on this picture of him. A user took a screenshot of Kangana’s story on Reddit and said, “I thought Kangana Ranaut was a masterpiece.” The poster has been flooded with comments. Users are now trolling him severely. A user wrote in the comment that ‘Sister is sorry for everything..’

Will be seen once again with R Madhavan.
Let us tell you that Kangana is currently busy shooting for her next film with R Madhavan. Recently he announced the film titled Pan India. While Kangana Ranaut has only got flops in the last few years. Kangana is facing a drought at the box office since 2015 if ‘Manikarnika’ is removed. His last hit was Tanu Weds Manu released in 2015.

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