‘The fight between Israel and Hamas should not spread to a wider area’, PM Modi said at the G20 leaders’ meeting.

PM Modi at G20 Leaders Summit.- India TV Hindi.

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PM Modi at G20 Leaders meeting.

PM Modi at G20 Leaders meeting: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Virtual G20 Leaders Summit. During this time, he expressed his opinion on many issues from terrorism to the development of countries. He said that the G20 has echoed the Global South. The decisions of the G20 summit in New Delhi have been appreciated. The G20 has increased confidence in multilateralism. We have given direction to global governance reforms. Under India’s chairmanship, we have identified the G20 as the People’s 20. Millions of Indian citizens joined the G20. We celebrated it like a festival.

Said this on terrorism.

PM Modi said that the fight between Israel and Hamas should not take a regional form. We can work for peace. From the point of view of human well-being, we can speak out against terrorism and violence. India is ready to move forward step by step to fulfill this hope.

Modi said this on AI.

He said that we should work together for real regulation of AI. India is hosting the Global AI Partnership Program next month. Hope you all will participate. He expressed concern over deepfakes and said that it is a concern for the world. Its abuse must stop. On clean energy, PM Modi said that such options, including clean energy, have to be seriously discussed at COP20 to be held in UAE next month. PM Modi said that we worked to give 33% reservation to women in Parliament and Assemblies. India is taking important steps to empower women.

Added to the difficulties of the Global South.

On the issue of West Asia, PM Modi said, ‘We hope that all the hostages will be released soon. PM Modi further said that we have to fight together against terrorism. ‘There is strength in a family that we can work for peace.’ PM Modi said that today India is ready to move forward step by step to fulfill this hope of humanity of the world. He said that the countries of Global South are going through many difficulties for which they are not responsible.

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