Nishikanth Dubey then attacked Mahva Moitra, mocking Hiranandani by name

Nishikant Dubey attacks Mahva Moitra again - India TV Hindi

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Nishikant Dubey attacked Mehwa Moitra again.

New Delhi: After raising the issue of cash for question, now Bharatiya Janata Party MP Nishikant Dubey has again attacked Mehwa Moitra. Sharing the Lok Sabha rules on his X handle, Nishikant Dubey said that you have to understand that the answers to the questions asked by the MPs will remain confidential till the actual answer to the question is found in the House.

Nishikant Dubey wrote, “It is an order of the Lok Sabha, which clearly states that confidentiality means that the information is restricted to the Member of Parliament. Because when a Member of Parliament asks a question, the Member of Parliament has to The answer is given an hour before the start. Parliament, it is the stock market, fluctuations in the company’s condition, disruption of national security, due to early information about relations with other countries, the economy and Playing safe, maybe a PA like Hiranandani didn’t read this. Accused corrupt MP? This is an example of theft and embezzlement.

He also said that Parliament is a temple. When the center of defense of democracy becomes the center of a few corrupt parliamentarians who sell their conscience for a few bucks, foreign powers justify them through some media PR. The fact is that MPs and their only assistants who get their salaries from Parliament’s money can use it. Any MP who takes help from 10 people is illegal.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat has made major changes in the system.

After this incident, the Lok Sabha Secretariat has made major changes in the system. Now MPs will not be able to share their ID and password with anyone. The Lok Sabha Secretariat has disabled the access of MP Secretaries and Personal Assistants to the Digital Parliament Portal and Apps. Due to this, normal tasks of MPs like asking questions in Parliament, accessing e-mail and submitting TA bills can also be affected. Now only MP will have access to all this. However, the Secretariat has not yet issued an official notification in this regard.

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