The bodies of a man and a woman were found lying in the field, the shocking truth came to light

Double Murder- India TV Hindi.

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Double murder in Patna (symbolic picture)

Paliganj sub-division area of ​​the capital Patna caused a stir after the bodies of a woman and a man were found in a field on Thursday morning. The bodies of both were found in a field in Kherimod Madaripur village of Puliganj sub-division area of ​​Patna. Both of them were shot dead. Police also recovered bullets and shells from the spot. At first glance, the police believe that both of them are boyfriend and girlfriend. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and started investigating the incident.

The man and the woman were already married.

Surprising information has also been revealed regarding the incident. It is being told that both the man and the woman were already married. A woman married another man twice. Although both his wives are dead. People saw the body early in the morning and informed the police. It is believed that this murder took place during love affair.

Killing due to illicit relationship

A woman and a man have been shot dead and an investigation is underway, said DSP Pritam Kumar of Patna’s Paliganj sub-division. He said that the initial investigation has revealed that the reason for the murder of the two was illicit relationship. Both the bodies have been sent for post-mortem. The CCTV footage of the vicinity is also being examined.

(Reporting by Butto Kumar)

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