2 sisters married two real brothers, fed pudding to the family at night, what happened in the morning?

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Image source: India TV
The two brothers married these two sisters in the Kali temple.

A case has come to light in UP’s Hardoi which has stunned everyone. In Tadewan area of ​​Hardoi district, two real sisters robbed their husbands and ran away from the two real brothers on the second day of their marriage. The newly wedded couple drugged the family including their husbands and robbed them of jewellery, cash and mobile phones etc. The family of the victim went to the police station and registered a case against both the bride and the groom.

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Rajkumar of Jalimnagar police station Laharpur Tambur in Sitapur district organized the wedding pooja and aarti with two sons of Naresh Pal, resident of Bhadyal in Tadiwan police station, Pardeep and Kuldeep. One son of Naresh Pal works in a company in Delhi and the other lives in the village. All the wedding rituals took place in the village’s Kali temple, but the village was in turmoil when it was revealed that two newlyweds from the village had robbed their in-laws on the second day of their wedding.

Lottery bride

Image source: India TV

The bride Aarti and Pooja are both sisters.

The marriage of both the brothers was arranged for 80 thousand rupees.

In fact, the disabled mother in Hardoi wanted to marry her two sons due to the desire of her daughter-in-law in the eyes of two real brothers, for which she bargained with a person for 80 thousand rupees. from Sitapur for the marriage of his two sons. She then went to Sitapur with her sons where she gave the man Rs 78 thousand and Rs 2 thousand which she had already transferred online. The man introduced him to two girls named Aarti and Pooja. Then she took the two sisters to her village where she bought jewelry and clothes worth lakhs for both the brides.

Both the brothers were married in the temple.

On Wednesday, the two sons got married after firing seven rounds at the Kali Mata temple in the village. After the marriage, the mother came home with her sons and daughters-in-law. Meanwhile, food was brought to the house from the bhandara held in the village itself, which both the brides mixed with intoxicants and fed to the entire family. As everyone passed out, the two brides absconded into the night with cash and jewelery along with their mobile phones. When people regained consciousness on Thursday morning, it was found that the two brides had taken jewellery, clothes, mobile and cash from the house. The victim has lodged a complaint at the police station and demanded action. Police have registered a case and started investigation.

(Report- Ram Srivastava)

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