Dance Video: A stream of boys gather on the roof to watch the dance, but end up getting a shock

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A crowd of boys gather to watch a dance video

Not a day goes by without a video going viral on social media platforms. Be it a bike stunt or a fight in the metro, every type of video goes viral on social media. Some videos are quite funny and lighten people’s mood, while some make people angry after watching them. Now the video that is going viral is a combination of both.

The end of the video will surprise you.

A dance video is going viral on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). In the video, you can see a girl wearing a sari swaying her back to the beat of the drum. Some boys reach the terrace to watch her dance and are secretly watching the girl dance. But as soon as the girl turns around, all the boys lose their senses. Actually, it is not a girl but a boy, wearing a sari and a wig on his head. Nowadays, there are many videos on social media in which boys disguise themselves as girls in the name of fame. And make your own dance videos.

Watch the viral dance video here

Such a video has gone viral before.

As we told you, such videos have gone viral on social media many times before, in which boys are seen doing such acts. A few days ago, a boy wearing a saree made a video of himself lip-syncing and dancing to a Bhojpuri song. That video also went viral on social media. After watching the video, people made fun of it.

Watch that video here

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