Bulldozers in Mainpuri, illegal graveyards and mausoleums demolished.

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A bulldozer is running in Mainpuri.

Main Puri: Bulldozers are once again roaring in Mainpuri district, the bastion of the Samajwadi Party. This time the bulldozer action has taken place on the illegal graveyard and tomb. The cemetery and shrine built by illegal encroachments over the years were razed within minutes with the help of bulldozers. Although one party protested against this action, nothing was said to anyone in the police and administration.

According to information, Ram Ratan Diwakar’s land was illegally encroached on the roadside at village Ganeshpura in Bhogaon tehsil area of ​​Mainpuri district. The issue of construction of illegal graveyard by the people of the minority community was going on for a long time. The victim took refuge in the High Court in this regard. In which the victim had requested to remove illegal encroachment from his land.

SDM had to appear in court

In this case, Sub-Collector Bhogaon had to personally appear in the High Court. The court ruled in favor of the victim and ordered the administration to remove this illegal occupation. After which, when the police force led by SDM Bhogaon reached the occupied land, the people of the minority community protested. In view of this, sufficient force had to be called on the spot.

After which the bulldozers started removing the encroachments. The Muslim side alleges that this tomb of Syed Baba is very old. A long time ago, a chief gave this place to the Muslims for a graveyard. After that, a cemetery was built on this land. Women were also involved in this protest. But finally the administration freed the land from encroachments and got possession of the victims.

Report: Salman Mansoori


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