Dalit youth apologizes by putting slipper in his mouth and beats him up, accused surrenders – video

Accused of oppressing Dalit youth in Morbi surrenders - India TV Hindi

The accused who oppressed Dalit youth in Morbi surrendered.

A shameful incident took place a few days ago in Morbi, Gujarat. Here, a businesswoman forced a 21-year-old Dalit youth to put a sandal in her mouth and apologize instead of demanding her outstanding salary. Along with this, the Dalit youth was also severely beaten. Om Patel, Raj Patel, Parekshit, Krish Patel and Preet Patel along with the woman Bibhuti Patel alias Raniba, who was absconding for five days in connection with the shameful act and beating of a Dalit youth, surrendered before the police. DVASP Pratipal Singh Jala produced the accused in Morbi court on Tuesday seeking remand, which is still pending in court. Earlier one of the accused DD Rabari surrendered before the police who is currently in Morbi Jail.

Insults on the basis of caste.

A youth named Nalesh Dalsanya had lodged a complaint with the Morbi City-A Division police that the accused Vibhuti Patel alias Raniba, Om Patel, Raj Patel, Pariksht, DD Rabari and other unknown persons called him to the office and assaulted him. He was also insulted because of his caste. The Morbi police are further investigating the youth’s complaint. Meanwhile, a group of Dalit community reached district Siva Sadan this morning and demanded immediate arrest of the accused. A complaint letter was also given to the District Collector in this regard.

People from the Dalit community demonstrated.

A large number of brothers and sisters of the Dalit community gathered at the district Siva Sadan on Tuesday morning and staged a massive demonstration. When I reached the collector’s office to submit the application, the collector was out on a government program and the offeree fussed for some time. Later, when the collector came, he told all lies. Later, the collector called the investigating officer and the station in-charge and apprised the people about the status of the case. The Dalit community submitted a petition to District Collector GT Pandya in this case and demanded immediate arrest of the accused and transfer of Morbi SP. Along with this, leaders of the Dalit community also said that if the accused are not arrested soon, they will stage a Jail Bharu movement.

He was fired on October 18.

According to a complaint given to the police by 21-year-old Nilesh Kishore Bhai Dalsanya, a resident of Gandhi Society on Bhadiad Road, Morbi, Nilesh, a marketing employee in the export department of Raniba Industries, filed a complaint with the police on October 2. Was working on the 4th floor of Capital Market near Raopar Chowk. Later on October 18, Nilesh was dismissed from the job. On the other hand, regular employees get their salary on the 5th of every month, but Nilesh’s salary does not go into their account. On November 6, Nilesh called accused Vibhuti Patel and asked for salary. Later, when Nilesh spoke to Vibhuti Patel’s brother Om about the salary, he said, “I am out for two or three days, so when I come back, I will call the capital markets office and ask for the salary.” I will get information about

Vibhuti Patel put sandalwood in the young man’s mouth.

After that when Nilesh went to his office, accused Om Prakash, accused Raj Patel and office manager Parikshit grabbed Nilesh by his hair and slapped him on the face and took him to the roof of the office, where Nilesh was arrested by accused Raniba alias. did it. Vibhuti Patel, Om Patel, Raj Patel, Parekshit were beaten with belts. Accused Vibhuti Patel insulted her by putting a sandal in her mouth and said who gives jobs to people like you. Accused Raj Patel apologized forcefully and made a video saying that he will share the money and threatened to kill Nilesh.

– Nilesh Patel reports from Morbi

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