Jio will launch call and internet service within 12 hours in Sulkiara tunnel, it will be beneficial

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Telecom service provider Reliance Jio Within 12 hours call and internet service has resumed inside the damaged tunnel in Sulkiara. This will help rescue the 41 workers trapped there. Mobile service is poor in this remote area of ​​Uttarakhand and the administration, which is working day and night to rescue workers trapped in an under-construction tunnel that collapsed nearly two weeks ago, has asked the telecom service provider to He had to provide it. Network.

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Reliance has been posting pictures of the mobile tower on social networking platforms. He said, “Our Jio team is working shoulder to shoulder with the rescuers. “Proud to report that Jio’s internet and call services have been delivered to this remote location within 12 hours.”

The workers have been stranded since November 12.

The company said that no vehicle can go on hilly terrain. No poles and no electricity and no fiber connectivity. According to him, “All these challenges have been overcome and the necessary connectivity has been restored.” Construction workers were trapped inside the under-construction Sulkiara-Barkot tunnel after a landslide on November 12 buried part of it.

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