Sinful souls enter Yamluk through this gate.

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Guru Purana

Guru Purana: All these things are given importance in Sanatan culture. To improve human life. Today we will tell you about entering the palace of Yamraj, the god of death, according to the Gurud Purana. In fact, the Guru Purana is one of the most important books of Hinduism. It summarizes everything about the cycle of birth and death, the world of hell, the world of heaven and the consequences of human actions.

In this Purana, all those things are told by Shrimukh of Lord Vishnu. Which is requested by Garuda, the king of birds, from Shri Hari for the salvation of living beings. In which Lord Narayan has already told about the torments of hell. It is also explained how one can be saved from hell and sins. So that the soul can be saved after death. So today we will know according to Garuda Purana, through which door the souls entering Yamlok enter according to their karma and which is the palace of Lord Yamraj in Yamlok.

Empori has four entrances.

Here the Garuda Purana mentions that at Yampuri four gates have been made for the souls to enter Yamaloka. All the actions an organism performs during its lifetime. He also suffers a similar loss. In fact, four gates are mentioned to enter Yamlok and Lord Yamraj’s palace is several yojanas long and large. These four gates are divided according to the actions of the soul.

It was surrounded by a high wall with four arms and four gates. It is called a thousand yojanas in terms of measurement.

The city has a magnificent temple of Chatrakupta. Its length was twenty-five yojans.

east gate- The eastern gate of Yamaloka is made for the worthy yogis, great ascetics, sages and sages. Only these good souls enter through this gate. When these spirits reached Yampuri. So the door to the east opens for them. In the Garuda Purana, many types of gems and pearls are attached to this door. Gandharvas, Apsaras and Devas stand at this gate to welcome the souls who perform good deeds. When the good souls enter through this gate, they are first showered with flower petals. Chatragupta then honors them and offers them the path to heaven.

west gate- The western gate of Yamluk is for the entry of spirits who perform charity and good deeds. Those who have always followed the religion in their life and have served everyone selflessly or who have sacrificed their lives during Yatra or at any pilgrimage site. Such souls have to enter Yampuri through the western gate. This door is also studded with jewels etc.

North Gate- People who speak the truth, serve their parents and help people. Such people have to enter Yamluk through the northern gate.

South Gate- This door is the most painful and the view is completely different from the other doors. This door is for those beings who have committed sins throughout their lives. Souls who eat non-vegetarian food, drink alcohol, hurt their parents, disbelieve in God, cheat on their husbands and wives and commit other sinful acts have to enter through the southern gate. Before reaching this gate, the soul reaches Yampuri after undergoing many kinds of tortures. After enduring insufferable tortures in many hellish cities and the Vitarani River, she becomes terrified before reaching the gates of Yamluk. This door is terrible, it is very dark and in this door wild animals bite souls with their teeth. Many times even these wild animals do not leave these sinful souls. In such a situation, these sinful souls enter through this gate somehow while mourning and then they have to suffer many kinds of hellish tortures.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on religious belief and folk beliefs. There is no scientific evidence for it. India TV does not prove the truth of anything.)

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