The President of Maldives changed a decades-old tradition, leaving India and arriving in Turkey.

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Muhammad Muizhu is sworn in as the President of the Maldives.

New Delhi: The new President of the Maldives, Mohamed Moeizu, has started making many changes in his policies after being sworn in. It is also having a direct impact on India-Maldives relations. However, India is making every possible effort to maintain the relations between the two countries. But due to the attitude of President Muhammad Muizhu, India’s efforts do not seem to be getting any success at present. A decades-old tradition was broken with the swearing-in of a new president in the Maldives. On his first official visit, he has gone to Turkey instead of India. Earlier, the President of Maldives is coming to India on his first foreign visit after being sworn in. This has also been part of his ‘India First’ policy.

President Muhammad Mushu is a pro-China leader.

The President of the Maldives, Mohammad Mueez, is considered a pro-China leader. He had also expressed his anti-India stance during the elections. They also want the withdrawal of Indian troops in Maldives. They have started implementing it during the elections and immediately after the swearing in of the President. The Muizzu government is also reviewing over 100 ties with India. Now the question is, why did he choose Turkey for his first foreign visit? Actually, India does not have good relations with Turkey. Turkey is close to Pakistan. Turkey has been supporting Pakistan and opposing India at various international forums.

Muizzu wants to end dependence on India.

In fact, Muhammed Muizhu’s plan seems clear to end Maldives’ dependence on India. For this purpose, Moizo is visiting foreign countries even before taking the oath of office of the President. This is the reason why he made his first visit to Turkey, away from India first policy. This month he visited the United Arab Emirates and assured $80 million in funding for the Abu Dhabi Mall Airport project. However, India provided a credit line of $136.6 million for the project. Now the assurance of $80 million in top-up funding from the UAE means the Maldives will not have to rely on India for the second tranche.

Union Minister Kiran Rijiju attended the swearing-in ceremony.

Let you know that Union Minister Kiran Rijiju attended the swearing-in ceremony of Moizhu. Also met Moeez. Subsequently, a statement issued by Muzo’s office said that at the meeting, the President ‘formally requested the Government of India to withdraw its military personnel from the Maldives’. Muizzu said he would fulfill his election promise to withdraw Indian troops from the Maldives. “At the meeting, President Moizo formally requested the Indian government to withdraw its troops from the Maldives,” the statement said. It said, “The President said that the people of Maldives had given him a strong mandate to appeal to India in this regard in the presidential elections held in September and hoped that India would fulfill the democratic aspirations of the Maldivian people.” will respect.’ In the meeting, Mozzo raised the issue of airlift of medical patients and presence of Indian military personnel deployed in Maldives for air operations to prevent drug smuggling, Indian government sources said. He said that the President acknowledged the contribution of Indian helicopters and airplanes for the medical evacuation of Maldivian citizens.

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