Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue: CM Dhami shared the good news on social media.

CM Dhami- India TV Hindi.

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Pushkar Singh Dhami

Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Tuesday said that the rescue pipe laying work from the debris of Sulkiara tunnel has been completed and 41 laborers trapped in the tunnel for the last 16 days will be rescued soon. By Tuesday afternoon, rescue workers had completed excavating 60 meters of debris in the tunnel.

Dhami wrote on ‘X’, “With the immense blessings of Baba Baukhnag, the prayers of millions of citizens of the country and the tireless efforts of the rescue agencies engaged in the operation, the pipe laying has begun. The work in the tunnel has been completed. And our brothers will be pulled out soon.” On November 12, a section of the tunnel collapsed, trapping 41 workers.

To provide medical care to the laborers as they come out, a 41-bed hospital has been set up at the Chinyaleesore Community Health Centre, 30 km from the site. The road outside the tunnel, which had become unpaved due to regular heavy vehicle traffic over the last fortnight, is being repaired and a new layer of dirt is being laid for the ease of ambulances. Senior police officers directed the security personnel outside the tunnel to take immediate action as soon as the workers started coming out of the evacuation route being prepared for them.

Using the ‘rat hole’ mining technique

Drilling was first done with a large auger machine to rescue the workers, who got stuck in the debris about 47 meters down on Friday. A team of skilled workers began removing the debris by hand using the ‘rat hole’ mining technique on Monday.

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