First sold his 16-year-old daughter’s dead body for millions, then married her dead body. Read the case

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The world is also very strange. A couple sold their 16-year-old daughter’s body as a ghost bride for money, a man has alleged. The man also alleged that the couple received 66,000 yuan (Rs 7,88,269) in exchange for their daughter’s body. Although the police confirmed the amount, the police said they could not prosecute the couple as they had no right to do so.

The biological father made allegations

According to the South China Morning Post, Sun, a man from east China’s Shandong province, said his biological daughter, Xiaodan, suffered long-term mental torture from her adoptive parents, then got fed up and passed away. She left home in December. Jumping off the floor. Sun added that when Xiaodan (deceased) was born, she already had twins and could not raise them. So he and his wife decided to give Xiaodan up for adoption in 2006. Meanwhile, he met the couple and gave them their daughter for adoption. However, he would sometimes visit the adopted family’s home to visit his daughter under the pretense of being a relative.

The history of ghost marriage in China goes back thousands of years.

Sun accused the adoptive parents of “marrying” a young dead man named Zhang after their daughter’s death and extorting a bride price of 66,000 yuan (Rs 7.88 lakh) from her parents. It should be noted that the history of ghost marriage in China is 3000 years old and this practice is still continued in some rural areas. According to this ancient tradition, people believe that a person who dies alone will not have a good afterlife and to remedy this, he should associate with people who died bachelors. Therefore, as in traditional Chinese marriages, families exchange both bride price and dowry for newlyweds and consider each other as relatives after marriage.

The police did not take action.

Also, in this case, the police said that there is no legal basis to punish the people involved in ghost marriage. So he cannot take any action. Yao Jianlong, director of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Law, told China Women’s News that arranging ghost marriages is not a crime under Chinese law, and previous cases have resulted in convictions only because those involved Other laws were broken, such as theft they were broken and they were damaging bodies.

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