If you also drink water in plastic bottles, be careful!

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Harmful effects of drinking from a plastic bottle

Plastic has become a part of modern lifestyle, nowadays plastic is seen everywhere, be it kitchen containers or water bottles sold in the market. Be it food packaging or polythene used to carry goods. Cups, plates, straws, everything is covered in plastic. Even the garbage that comes out of the sea contains mostly plastic. Indian government is constantly trying to save people from plastic pollution. Single-use plastics have also been banned. Despite this, people are not living away from plastic and even today they drink water in plastic bottles. Let us tell you what it will do to your health.

Plastic is hollowing out the body from the inside.

According to a recent study, more than 2,100,000 particles enter the body every week throughout the year and damage human cells. On the one hand, these microplastics block the blood vessels of the heart, on the other hand, they damage the nephrons of the kidneys. As a result, the risk of heart attack and kidney failure increases manifold. Knowingly or unknowingly, we ingest millions of plastic particles every year, with consequences for our bodies. In fact, the very plastic that you are using to make your lifestyle easier is unknowingly giving you lifestyle diseases.

Why is plastic deadly?

  • The risk of cancer increases.
  • Fear of high blood pressure
  • It also affects the liver and kidneys.
  • Heart attacks increase.

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This is how to stop using plastic.

  • Use glass or steel bottles instead of plastic bottles.
  • Use a steel tin to hold food.
  • If you go to the market, take a bag of clothes from home.
  • Avoid using single-use plastics, such as single-use pens, disposable glasses, straws, etc.
  • Use wooden toys instead of plastic toys for children.
  • If you take care of these little things, you will not only protect the environment but also protect the body from serious diseases.

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