Solar power systems will be installed on the roofs of all 41 workers coming out of the tunnel.

Sulkiara Tunnel- India TV Hindi.

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Workers came out of Silkiara tunnel

Gujarat-based Goldi Solar has offered to install solar power systems on the roofs of 41 workers evacuated from the Sulkiara tunnel in Uttarakhand. All the 41 laborers who were trapped in the Sulkiara tunnel for about 17 days were rescued safely on Tuesday as part of a joint rescue operation by various agencies. Workers were trapped in the Sulkiara tunnel on November 12 after a portion of it collapsed due to a landslide. The Sulkiara Tunnel is part of the Central Government’s ambitious Char Dham project.

Goldie Solar released a statement.

According to a statement released by Goldie Solar, “Country Uttarkashi Celebrating the safe return of our brave workers stranded in India. We will also help the affected families and people. Goldi Solar will install solar power systems on the roofs of all 41 workers’ homes.

What did the founder of Goldi Solar say?

Ishwar Dholakia, founder and managing director of Goldi Solar, said this initiative is a step towards empowering these families with access to sustainable energy and hope for a brighter future. Goldie Solar is committed to helping underprivileged communities and contributing to their well-being. He said that the company will bear the entire cost of this initiative.

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