Fact Check: This picture of Uttarkashi Tunnel rescue team is created by AI.

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Image source: India TV
Fact check on the viral picture of Uttarkashi Tunnel rescue team

India TV Fact Check: AI i.e. artificial intelligence has become so advanced that the information or any scene created by it matches the reality to such an extent that sometimes even the human mind is deceived. One such photograph has been going viral recently, which is claimed to be a picture of the rescue team rescuing 41 laborers trapped in the Sulkiara Tunnel in Uttarkashi, taken after the laborers were pulled out. But India TV in its fact check found that the picture is not real and is created by AI.

What’s going viral?

This viral photo of the Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Team was used by several news websites, citing news agency Press Trust of India (PTI). This photo has also been shared by many X users. Apart from this, senior BJP leader Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore shared some pictures of the workers coming out of the tunnel along with this picture. Post While sharing this picture on November 28, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore wrote in the caption,

“Long live! The safe return of the workers trapped in the Sulkiara tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand is a wonderful example of humanity and teamwork. This is the new India under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji. Unparalleled determination and courage. “This is the new India. He gives his whole life to save the citizens. Congratulations to the rescue team and all the workers involved.”

Reality check

Image Source: Screenshot

BJP leaders shared this picture on social media.

This photo was shared by BJP Yuva Morcha National Secretary Tejendra Baga on November 28, 2023 with no caption. Post what

India TV checked the facts.

When we first looked at the picture carefully, we realized that there were some basic flaws in the picture. If you look closely at the faces of the people in the picture, their eyes look blurry and some have strange eyes on their faces. In the picture, some people are seeing three fingers and some are seeing deformed fingers. Apart from this, another thing to note is that the structure is also distorted by some people. Now our suspicion is confirmed that this image may have been created by AI.

Reality check

Image Source: Screenshot

After testing the image on the AI ​​test tool, the probability was 96.3 percent.

Investigate image on AI tool

To find out whether a viral photo is created by AI or not, we took the help of an online tool called “Illuminarty”. Image after uploading this viral image to it and checking it out AI probability 96.3% saw Now it was clear that this image was created only by AI.

Find AI-generated images.

After that, we started searching Google and X using keywords and found an X account called @Exclusive_Minds. The user had shared some photos on November 28 with the caption “Atrakshi Tunnel Rescue Successful”. All these images are fictional and generated by AI. Two of his tweets show a large rescue team inside the tunnel waving the tricolor and all the pictures and images are different from each other. The fourth photo among them is a viral photo, which has been shared by many leaders.

After we researched it.

What did the fact check show?

This has been revealed in the examination of the viral picture of the rescue team of Uttarkashi Tunnel. It is not real but created by AI. In this regard It is self-explanatory by the user who created it.

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