Hamas leader’s son angry at demand, demands Israel ‘kill my father’

Hamas leader's son's demand spreads panic - India TV Hindi

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Chaos caused by Hamas leader’s son’s demand

Israel Hamas Ceasefire: The temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has been extended by one more day. Amidst the ceasefire, while Hamas is releasing Israeli hostages, Israel is also releasing Hamas prisoners. On the other hand, Musab Hassan Yusuf, the son of Sheikh Hassan Yusuf, the co-founder of Hamas, has made such a demand from Israel, which has spread fear and panic in the world. Mosab said that by posting the video, he has asked Israel that if Hamas does not release all the hostages, Israel will kill the leaders of Hamas, including his father. Mossab said Israel should give Hamas a deadline to release all hostages.

“If the hostages are harmed, Israel should execute all Hamas leaders,” Mossab said. Hundreds of people are in Israeli custody. It is the only language that Hamas understands. He further said that ‘when I talk about the top leader of Hamas, it includes my father Sheikh Hassan. No one is exempt. They cannot incite anyone to violence. Can’t send people to die. Inciting children is his political ambition.

Hamas leader’s son secretly converts to Christianity

Let me tell you that Musab Hasan secretly converted to Christianity. He greatly assisted the Israeli security agency Shin Bet for almost two decades at a time when Hamas was constantly carrying out suicide attacks on Israel. Musab Hasan was named ‘Green Prince’ for helping Israel. Meanwhile, his father Sheikh Hassan was commanding Hamas in the West Bank.

Hamas launched a major attack on October 7.

The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on since October 7. After about 47 days of war, a temporary ceasefire was reached between the two. Under this ceasefire, Hamas is releasing hostages while Israel is releasing Palestinian prisoners. About 16,000 Palestinians have died in the war between Israel and Hamas. While 1200 Israelis have been killed in Hamas attacks. On October 7, Hamas launched a three-pronged attack on Israel. Meanwhile, Hamas commandos had taken 240 people hostage with them.

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