Shani Dev will be on these rounds in the year 2024, know which is that lucky one?

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Shani Dev: In astrology, Saturn is said to give justice and mercy. Saturn is currently sitting in its own sign, Aquarius, which will remain so until the year 2025. But in the New Year 2024, there is going to be a change in their circumstances, the impact of which can be seen in the life of the 12 Rashis. helter Skelter. According to astrologer Chirag Bijan Daruwala, in the year 2024, Saturn will retrograde along with rising and setting. In such a situation, know which zodiac sign will favor luck in 2024 and will bring success in every field.

According to astrology, Saturn will set from February 11, 2024 to March 18, 2024. After that there will be a rise. Also, Shani Dev will be retrograde in Aquarius from June 29, 2024 to November 15, 2024. A change in Saturn’s position can improve the fortunes of these Rashis.

1. Aries

Saturn’s change in position in the year 2024 can be beneficial for Aries people. In such a situation people of this zodiac sign can get unlimited wealth. Long pending work can be started again. Employees can get salary increase with promotion. New sources of income will open up. This will increase the bank balance. This year you may be able to earn unexpected money. When Jupiter changes its sign in May 2024, the avenues of growth may also open up for you. You can achieve success in everything you do with your ability. Along with this, when Saturn also retrogrades, people of this zodiac sign are likely to get financial gains.


The year 2024 is going to be very good for Taurus people. Many new opportunities can be found. Professionals and businessmen can also reap financial benefits with immense success. Talking about your career field, your work can be appreciated. Your superiors will be happy with this and may even give you a bigger responsibility. This year you can also be successful in saving money. Doing business abroad can also be beneficial. Even though Saturn is retrograde you can get many benefits. Along with this, there may be some career problems when Saturn sets. But as soon as Saturn rises, you can get great opportunities.


In the year 2024, Saturn can bring a lot of happiness in the lives of people of this sign. Saturn will be in the 6th house of this sign. This feeling is associated with effort. In such a situation, people of this zodiac sign can get the fruits of their labor. Along with happiness and prosperity, wealth can also be achieved. Only after hard work you can achieve success in your career. There may be some ups and downs in career due to Saturn being retrograde. There can also be financial benefits. Along with this, you will see progress in your career as Saturn rises. There will be financial gain with success in every field. Due to the change of Jupiter sign in May 2024, Virgo people can get immense success and financial benefits.


The position of Saturn in the year 2024 is going to be very good for Libra people. The suspicious aspect of Saturn is always on Libra because Saturn is exalted in this sign. The malefic aspects of Saturn, Sadisati and Dhya are not affected by Saturn unless there is a malefic aspect to another planet in a person’s horoscope. Shani Dev is very kind to people of this zodiac sign, so they get big and good success in any work soon. These righteous people enjoy the happiness of royalty. A person gets good respect in the society and gets wealth and prosperity. Will be successful in accumulating wealth. Some may even get the chance to go abroad. Work will be good.


According to Vedic Astrology, the ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. In such a situation, the people of this zodiac have the special favor of Shani Dev. Malefic effects of Saturn’s Siddasi and Dhya are very rare on Capricorn people. Being own sign of Shani Dev, people of these rashis face very few problems in life and get good positions in life. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. At present Capricorn Saturn people are under the influence of Saturn’s Sade Sati and in the year 2024 Saturn will also be in Sade Sati. However, due to Saturn being the ruling planet, Capricorn sign people will get success in professional life. You will be able to take important decisions. Economic conditions will also be better than before.

(Astrologer Chirag Daruwala is the son of expert astrologer Bijan Daruwala. He is known for his detailed astrological predictions on love, finance, career, health and business.)

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