The groom asked for the honeymoon ticket before giving the vermilion, the bride did such a thing that even the wedding guests were surprised.

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The bride got angry at the groom’s demand in the wedding (symbolic picture).

Motihari: By now you must have seen and heard grooms making various demands, but a case of grooms making strange demands came to light in Bihar’s East Champaran where a groom demanded a flight ticket to go on honeymoon. However, the groom’s demands were much higher. Not only was his demand not met, but he had to go back without a bride.

The bride became enraged at the groom’s demand.

In fact, the whole affair is from Kannu village in Chikiya in East Champaran district, where the marriage procession came from Bakarganj of Patna. When the groom Pawan Kumar arrived at the girl’s door with the wedding party, the wedding party received a warm welcome. After the mala, other rituals were performed. Meanwhile, when it was time to give vermilion, the groom demanded a gold chain and a honeymoon ticket. After this demand, the family of the girl was shocked. Many attempts were made to persuade the groom but the groom persisted in his demand. After that the bride also got angry and refused the marriage.

The groom and other groomsmen were taken hostage.

The bride’s people took the groom and other grooms hostage. The local people along with the girl’s family tried hard to celebrate the bridegroom, the groom and his family members and relatives in the wedding procession. The matter became quite tense. The girl’s family took several guests of the wedding, including the groom, hostage. The police came to know about the matter. The police released the groom and other hostages.

The wedding procession returned without the bride

Dhananjay Kumar, in-charge of Chikiya police station, said that after getting information about the matter, the groom and the bride’s people were brought to the police station along with the wedding procession. Where the matter was settled between the two parties with the local panchayat representatives. But the girl was not ready for marriage. After which the groom and the wedding guests were safely sent away.

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