Congress now questioning exit polls, will question EVMs tomorrow: Narottam Mishra

Narottam Mishra, Home Minister MP- India TV Hindi.

Image source: India TV
Narottam Mishra, Home Minister, Madhya Pradesh

Morena: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has once again taken a jibe at the Congress and said that whenever the Congress loses, it always blames someone or the other. He said that today she is raising questions on exit polls and tomorrow when the results are out, she will raise questions on EVMs. He said this while answering the questions of journalists. On the question of the Chief Minister, he said that the name that the party decides will become the Chief Minister.

Any of the 230 MLAs can become the Chief Minister.

According to information, Narottam Mishra had gone to Delhi where lobbying for the post of CM is believed to be going on. Narottam Mishra answered the question of the journalists that who will be the Chief Minister? He said – any of the 230 MLAs can become the Chief Minister, but I am not in the race of the Chief Minister. On behalf of BJP, the party will decide who will be the Chief Minister.

Narottam Mishra along with JP Nadda arrived in Morena

Narottam Mishra came to Morena from Gwalior along with BJP National President JP Nadda. Nada offered prayers at Saptak Shani Mandir. Meanwhile, talking to journalists, Narottam Mishra boldly hinted that he too can join the 230 MLAs. Attacking Digvijaya Singh and the Congress in his old style, he said that when the Congress loses, it questions someone. Today she has voted on object poll and tomorrow she will vote on EVM. Refuting the scam raised by former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh, he said it was his nature to shoot in the air. On the question of conducting an investigation, he said that an investigation will be conducted only when there is a problem. Digvijay Singh says something or the other every day.

Exit polls predict BJP to form government in Madhya Pradesh.

Let us tell you that according to the exit poll of India TV-CNX, there are chances of BJP forming the government in Madhya Pradesh once again. According to the exit poll estimates, out of total 230 seats in the state assembly, Bharatiya Janata Party will win 140 to 159 seats, Congress may get 70 to 89 seats and others may get 2 seats. Talking about the vote percentage, BJP is expected to get 45.53% votes, Congress is expected to get 38.04% votes and others 16.13% votes.

(Reporting by Upendra Gautam from Morena)

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