Economic woes: 50 percent of seniors over 65 are looking for jobs, the country’s situation has worsened.

Financial distress:After completing education, every human being works hard in youth and earns money so that he can live comfortably in old age. That is why the retirement age has been set at 60 years. But at present people are suffering from economic pressure and inflation. Not everyone can bear it. People face a lot of problems in old age due to lack of pension in private jobs. Something similar is happening in South Korea, where nearly half of the elderly are looking for jobs. This shocking revelation has come from the data released by the government.

Elderly people are looking for work.

According to statistics, half of the elderly in South Korea over the age of 65 want to work. 20 percent of them also searched for jobs during this period. The results of this survey indicate that 55.7 percent of seniors aged 65 to 79 are concerned about economic challenges and want to work. A year ago, this figure was 54.8 percent. If we compare with the year 2013, then the number of elderly people looking for jobs was only 43.6%.

The results of the survey are disturbing.

The Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) said the analysis was based on a survey. Surprising results have emerged. The need to earn money is increasing among the elderly. In the last 10 years since 2013, the number of seniors seeking employment has increased by 12.1 percent. This is an alarming figure.

Older women are also wandering for jobs.

If we look at the other findings of the KEIS report, we find that 65 percent of the elderly looking for jobs are men and 47 percent are women. The reason that emerged during the conversation with him was surprising. All of them are forced to look for jobs only because of economic challenges. 19 percent of men and 18 percent of elderly women have gone out to look for jobs in the past year. The report said that the government should arrange jobs for the less educated elderly so that they can earn their living.

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