Who will become the Chief Minister of MP, the shocking name has come out, what are the experts saying?

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Who will become the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?

MP Election Results 2023: The election results in these three states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh seem to be completely in favor of the BJP. BJP has won hugely in all three states. In such a situation, the biggest question in Madhya Pradesh is that who will become the Chief Minister from BJP? According to political experts, there are some names that may surprise you. In fact, in all three states, BJP has contested elections against PM Modi. So the other faces became secondary. It is true that Shivraj’s schemes had an impact on the voters of Madhya Pradesh, the ‘ladli wave’ also started, but it is also true that the party did not project him as the CM. The elections were fought entirely in the face of PM Modi. This time too the slogan was ‘Modi ke admi mein MP, MP k admi mein Modi’. Know the opinion of political analysts on who will become CM.

This time BJP has fielded 7 MPs and one party general secretary Kailash Vijayvargi. With that, it was decided that someone other than Shivraj could be the Chief Minister. That is why he was not presented as the Chief Minister. That is why the slogan was raised that Modi in MP’s mind, Modi in MP’s mind. This slogan had an effect and the question of who will be the face of CAM became secondary. Now the question is that who will be the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?

The names that analysts are coming up with in the CM race are shocking. Senior journalist and political expert Shravan Garg He says that ‘the first name in his eyes is that of Prahalad Patel. He has given the reason that Praharlad Patel is also an OBC. His image is undisputed, he comes from Maha Kaushal, no CM has ever been made from this region. BJP may strengthen its grip on this region in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This is also a big reason. Not only this, Prahalad Patel is a Union Minister and an admirer of Shivraj Singh. Also Prahlad Patel is acceptable and what is special is that PM Modi also likes him.

What are the analysts’ views on Kailash Vijayvargiya?

On Kailash Vijayvargiya, Shravan Garg said that he is not strong enough for the post of Chief Minister, because if he becomes the Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh can oppose him. There is no general acceptance. His image is that of a mafia, PM Modi himself is angry with Kailash Vijayvargiya because of his son Akash Vijayvargiya’s old case. In such a situation, his name cannot be strongly recommended for the post of Chief Minister. On the other hand, senior journalist and political expert Hemant Pal also said that Kailash Vijayvargiya is definitely special for Amit Shah, but he may be the last choice of BJP for the post of Chief Minister.

What is your opinion about Sandhya?

Political analysts have also rejected Scindia. Because many supporting candidates of Jyotraditya Scindia lost the election. They feel safe only in central politics. There is also a controversy in the BJP regarding Scindia. For this reason there can be no consensus.

These names are also surprising for the post of CM.

According to political analysts, Narendra Tomar should also be given credit for the win as he was made the election campaign committee chairman. This is the reason why we are getting great victory. Therefore, his name can also be at the top of the race for the post of CM. The BJP was looking unlikely to win more than 135 seats. He didn’t even think there would be 150 plus. But BJP got a bumper win. Credit is also being given to Narendra Tomar.

This name is the most shocking.

The name that is most surprising in Madhya Pradesh is Fagan Singh Kalaste. The name of Faggan Singh Kalaste, a tribal leader and senior BJP leader, is also coming up. He has a good grip among tribal voters. He can also be made the Chief Minister as a strategy for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan is at stake again, know why he is a strong candidate?

Even though the election was not contested in his name this time, Shivraj Singh is also in the forefront of the race for the post of Chief Minister. This election was fought on the basis of his campaign and Ladli Brahmin Yojana. The big thing is that BJP has won during its rule. In such a situation, it will not be surprising if he is made the chief minister again.

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