Ministry of Tourism launched competition for villages, prizes will increase rural participation.

Ministry of Tourism: The Union Ministry of Tourism in India takes such measures from time to time to promote tourism in the country. To focus and increase tourism in cities as well as villages, the Ministry of Tourism has organized a competition that will directly connect the villages of the country.

The competition will be held in 2 categories.

The Government of India has started working on a road map to promote rural tourism by formulating a national strategy. Under this, the Ministry of Tourism in India has been thinking for a long time to promote rural homes. The Ministry of Tourism has launched the Best Tourism Village and Best Rural Homestay competitions among villages across the country. In this, a total of 35 villages of the country will get awards in gold, silver and bronze categories. There are 2 categories for which entries can be sent till 31 December 2023.

Best Tourist Village Competition 2024
Best Rural Homestay Contest 2024

Posted on Ministry of Tourism

Giving information about this, the Ministry of Tourism posted from its official account on the X (formerly Twitter) platform. It states – “To develop a self-sufficient India under the visionary leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, harnessing the spirit of voice for local people, Ministry of Tourism Best Tourism Village Competition 2024 Edition and launching the Best Rural Homestay Competition 2024. For more information visit

The State Minister is accompanied by Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy.

Union Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy who is currently serving as Union Cabinet Minister as well as State President of Bharatiya Janata Party in Telangana. has all the information about the government’s initiative, which mentions the names of Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy as well as State Tourism Ministers Ajay Bhatt and Shripad Naik. Why did the government start this competition?, what is its goal, vision, mission – information about everything is available.

What’s going on?

The Ministry of Tourism has actively engaged state governments, industry stakeholders, non-profit organizations (NGOs) and local communities through these competitions. With the help of the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, the process of formulating a National Work Policy has started. Central Nodal Agency, Rural Tourism and Rural Homestay (CNA RT and RH) has also been established.

What is the vision behind the competition?

The objective of these competitions is to recognize outstanding contribution to rural tourism and promote healthy competition between villages and rural households. The Union Government’s vision is to leverage India’s rural heritage to create a vibrant and responsible tourism sector by creating attractive rural experiences. Here are some goals-

  • From the point of view of tourism, the villages of the country should also improve their infrastructure and move forward so that they can join the mainstream of the tourism industry.
  • This competition between villages is to promote and support the development of rural tourism.
  • This will promote local jobs and preserve local culture and heritage.
  • Villages can be directly linked to the Ministry of Tourism by giving them rewards.

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