Video: Prashant Kishor explains why BJP won in MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

Prashant Kishore - India TV Hindi.

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Prashant Kishor

Patna: Various statements are being made about the BJP’s victory in the assembly elections of the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana. Some are calling it a bailout for Modi and others are calling it a failure of the India Alliance and basically the Congress. When journalists questioned Prashant Kishor, founder of Jin Suraj on this matter, he expressed his opinion clearly. Prashant Kishor said that if the opposition parties want to defeat the BJP, they must first understand what their strength is. Why do people vote for BJP? Unless you understand its merits and try to improve, why should people vote for you? The votes that BJP gets do not come from the ups and downs of Modi’s graph.

‘People are believing in BJP’s Hindutva ideology’

During a press conference in Darbhanga’s Singhwada block on Monday, Prashant Kishor said there were four reasons why the BJP got votes, first – Hindutva, which is an ideology, a large section of people would have voted for the BJP. Because they trust BJP. Hindutva ideology. The second thing is that the talk of new nationalism has started, which you hear in the villages that India has become a world leader, Modi has raised the prestige of India in the whole world. You must have heard all these things about Pulwama, it is this sense of nationalism that gets BJP votes.

‘One of the major reasons for BJP’s victory is the party’s organizational strength’

Thirdly, there is a large segment of beneficiaries of central schemes, be it Kisan Swaandhi Yojana, housing schemes, whose funds are being channeled directly to the beneficiaries by the central government. Fourth, the organizational and economic strength of the BJP’s own organization also matters. Suppose you are contesting election from RJD, then you contest election by giving three to four crore rupees, because such parties will give you ticket and take money. If you are contesting with BJP, the party is giving you money to contest and says go do good PR and contest. In that case you won’t do better on at least three of these four topics, like Hindutva, Nationalism and what BJP is doing to vested interests. You should have a better model than what BJP is doing. is drinking

Other parties have to organize their organization better – Prashant Kishore

Prashant Kishor said that the organization of other parties should be better compared to the strength of BJP’s organization. Unless you do your best on at least three of those four, you’re bound to lose seven or eight out of ten choices. Even if one or two places are won, it will not have much effect. Brothers, people are feeling that Congress has won in Karnataka and Telangana, so I tell them that this vote did not go to Congress, this vote is against the governments there. People wanted to vote against KCR, there is only Congress as a party, so they voted for Congress. It is a vote of power. If you have a government and people elect you, that’s it.

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