BJP’s win makes stock market investors rich, wealth increases by Rs 11 lakh crore in 3 sessions

BSE Market Capitalization: On Sunday, December 3, 2023, the results of assembly elections in four major states were announced, with the BJP winning in three. And the stock market gains over the next two days are historic. Sensex has gained 1800 points and Nifty by almost 600 points in two days. And if we include the market gains on Friday’s exit poll day, the Sensex jumped by 2300 points and the Nifty by 750 points. This strong growth has led to a huge jump in investor wealth.

11 lakh crores earned in 3 sessions

Just last week, the market cap of BSE-listed companies crossed the historic $4 trillion mark. And in the last three trading sessions, the market cap of BSE-listed companies has increased by Rs 11 lakh crore. The market cap of companies listed on BSE as on 30 November 2023 was Rs 335.58 lakh crore. Which has increased to Rs 346.51 lakh crore in the next three trading sessions. This means that the market cap of the Indian stock market has increased by Rs 10.93 lakh crore in just three sessions.

Assets increased by Rs 90 lakh crore in 8 months.

Buoyed by the BJP’s resounding victory in the assembly elections, the stock market is feeling that the Modi government may return to the center in 2024 as well, which is why the market is witnessing this rally. Barring minor fluctuations, the stock market has been bullish since March this year, which is expected to continue till the Lok Sabha elections next year. On March 20, 2023, the market cap of BSE-listed companies fell to Rs 255.64 lakh crore. But during the last 8 months, on the basis of foreign and domestic investors, the market of BSE listed companies has reached this level. In the last 8 months, the wealth of investors investing in the Indian stock market has increased by Rs 90 lakh crore.

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