Video: Even after eating slippers from a poor man, this Congress candidate lost the election, watch the video

Paras Saklicha is buying slippers from a fakir.- India TV Hindi.

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Paras Saklicha is buying slippers from a fakir.

The Madhya Pradesh assembly election results have been released on December 3. BJP has retained power here with a huge majority. On the other hand, this election result has given a big shock to the Congress. Both the parties had left no stone unturned in this election campaign. Party leaders resorted to everything from religion to superstition during the campaign. One such case has come to light from Ratlam where a Congress candidate had accepted to eat slippers to win the election. The video of this superstition of Congress candidate is going viral on social media.

What’s the whole deal?

In fact, in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, the Congress had given ticket to Paras Saklecha from the Ratlam City seat. A video of him is going viral on social media in which he is seen hitting an old man sitting on the road with a slipper. Now it is being said in the media reports that Paras Saklecha went to the shoemaker’s fakir to win the election. In the video, it can be seen that Faqir is showering slippers from the cheeks of Saklecha to her waist.Watch the video here

Could not win the election.

Despite being hit with a slipper by a pauper, Congress candidate Paras Saklecha has lost the election badly. He was defeated by BJP’s Chetan Kashyap ‘Bhyaji’ in the Ratlam Urban seat. In the election, Chetan Kashyap got 1,09,656 lakh votes while Paras Sklicha got 48,948 votes. The margin of victory and defeat between the two was 60,708 votes.

Bumper win for BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party has won a huge majority in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections. In the elections held on 230 seats, BJP has won 163 seats. There, the Congress is reduced to only 66 seats. BJP has once again strengthened its fort for another 5 years.

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