Health Tips Winter Arthritis Causes and Home Remedies in Hindi

Joint pain winter health: Joint pain becomes a problem for some people during cold days. Joint pain in winters is greatly aggravated in this season. Due to which it becomes difficult to walk and sit up. A 2015 study in the Journal of Rheumatology found that people who have pain in their knees, feet, or other joints tend to have problems when the temperature drops. The study looked at the effect of daily temperature on a total of 810 people with osteoarthritis. A 2007 study of 200 people with knee osteoporosis also found that joint pain increased with every 10-degree drop in temperature.

What does the report say, why does joint pain increase?

1. Thickening of joint fluid

Synovial fluid in joints acts as a shock absorber, reports the Orthopedic Institute. When the temperature drops, the fluid thickens and cannot drain properly, causing the joint to become stiff and painful.

2. Nerve related problems

The report noted that people who have had joint pain or minor injuries may develop joint pain caused by nerves. In cold weather, due to injury, inflammation or any other reason, their nerves become very sensitive, which causes pain in the joints due to the drop in temperature.

3. Decreased physical activity

Physical activity is reduced due to laziness during cold days, which aggravates the pain of those already suffering from joint pain. So pranayama, yoga and exercise should be done regularly. Daily routine should also be improved during winter season.

A few ways to relieve joint pain

1. Eat only healthy and nutritious food.

2. Use a heating pad to ease joint pain.

3. Exercise yoga regularly.

4. Don’t let the body get dehydrated when the temperature drops.

Disclaimer: Before following the procedures, methods and tips described in this article, please consult a doctor or relevant specialist.

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